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College Admissions: Be a Savvy Consumer!

Higher Education is not about Ivory Towers of pure scholarship—it’s a multi-billion dollar business, and you will be spending more on college tuition than most any other “purchase” you make. This overview will help you to understand the college admissions system, so that you can make an informed choice as a consumer.

Researching Colleges: Time-Saving Strategies

There are over 1400 accredited colleges in the United States, and there is an avalanche of information available on the internet. Many families are overwhelmed by this process. This presentation will help you to understand how to conduct a college search and to stay organized. 

Standardized Tests: Should You Bother?

We will cover the changes to the standardized testing landscape that Covid has prompted. Because most colleges have gone test optional, we will discuss the pros and cons of taking the SAT or the ACT one or more times.

College Essays: Standing Out in the Crowd

By the summer of your Junior year, you can’t change your GPA significantly, and your record of extra-curricular activities will be reported as of the end of your Junior year. The college essays are the single factor that you have the most control over at this point, and the way you can make your applications stand out. Learn what colleges want in a Personal Statement and in your supplemental essays.