Get educational and organizational support for your child from the pre-school years through the transition to college. I have over ten years of experience counseling parents and working directly with children and teens.

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Educational Consulting

I help parents of children with learning differences to advocate for their children in the educational setting. I have helped students with ADD/ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder (EFD), Specific Learning Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Intellectual Disabilities to receive the services they need to thrive in their educational setting.

College Coaching

I work with students and their families to plan their college search, stay on track with deadlines, and write compelling personal statements and supplemental essays. I also prepare rising college first-years to succeed as they face more rigorous academic demands without the structure of the high school setting.

EF Coaching

Executive Functioning is the ability to set and achieve goals, prioritize tasks, filter distractions, and control impulses. I work with children and teens to strengthen these skills through a multi-disciplinary approach.